I left to Mel­bourne on Fri­day night and got back at 2am Wed­nes­day. It’s Fri­day now. I wanted to write some­thing here earli­er but I got lazy.

In short: I had a great time. I really needed to unwind, and now I feel much more relaxed.

Now I’ve got a huge back­log of stuff to do. I had been put­ting off numer­ous things for sev­er­al months, and now that I’m back I can finally do them. The funny thing is that I don’t know where to start. I hate start­ing things. Once the ball is rolling I’m fine, but the hard­est part is get­ting the ball to roll in the first place. I’ll take each day as it comes.

I had set my mail cli­ent (Syl­pheed-Claws) to auto­mat­ic­ally col­lect my mail every fif­teen minutes while I was away. I’m sub­scribed to sev­er­al high-volume mail­ing lists, so I needed to do this to pre­vent my mail accounts from filling up. Unfor­tu­nately, Syl­pheed-Claws screwed up and stopped retreiv­ing mail at some point. For­tu­nately my boxes wer­en’t full. Next time, I’ll write a script to retreive my mail and have cron execute it peri­od­ic­ally. I wanted to do that this time, but I ran out of time. I had a couple of thou­sand e‑mails when I returned. I did­n’t think it was worth sus­pend­ing my mail­ing list sub­scrip­tions for only a few days. I deleted most of them, so now I’m back on track.

It seems like a zil­lion things have happened while I was away (I was­n’t keep­ing tabs on the news while I was gone). For instance, there are heaps of cool posts on PCLinuxOn­line that I want to read. Here in Sydney, our dry, hot sum­mer weath­er has helped to cre­ate a huge bush­fire prob­lem. I don’t live any­where near the bush and yet I can see and smell smoke. Many people have even lost their homes to the fires 🙁 On Wed­nes­day, the fires some­how man­aged to cut the power to my house. Appar­ently huge areas of Sydney have been affected. There goes my two months of uptime! I had half a day without elec­tri­city, and anoth­er half day cut off from US Inter­net sites. Aus­trali­an and European sites loaded fine, but I could­n’t access US sites like PCLinuxOn­line. Everything seems to be fine now, so I can quit complaining.

Melbourne / Sridhar Dhanapalan by Sridhar Dhanapalan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.
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