I came across this art­icle at csmon​it​or​.com. Basic­ally, it’s point­ing out how juven­ile a boy­cott of all words and products of French ori­gin would be, for example renam­ing French fries to free­dom fries. Besides, they are actu­ally from Bel­gi­um, not France. Maybe we should call them oil fries? It only makes sense 🙂 

That got me think­ing. If so many Amer­ic­ans are eager to boy­cott everything French, what will they do with the admir­als, com­modores, bri­gadier gen­er­als, col­on­els, com­mand­ers, cap­tains, lieu­ten­ants, war­rant officers, ensigns, ser­geants, cor­por­als, spe­cial­ists and air­men in their armed forces? Surely they would­n’t want to use those in the war against Iraq? That leaves only sea­men and privates for the assault (gen­er­als and majors are officers). Can they fight a battle without aero­planes (includ­ing jets and their pilots), armour, artil­lery, bombs, rock­ets, gren­ades, bul­lets, rifles or machine guns? Can they attack without magazines or the ammuni­tion stored inside them? And who needs sol­diers, any­way? Maybe they don’t need an army, navy, air force or mar­ines? Heck, per­haps they don’t need a mil­it­ary at all! 

Strangely enough, weapons inspect­or does­n’t seem to be of French origin. 

In semi-related news, Man­drake Linux 9.1 is out. OSNews has a great review of it, and Tweak­hound has an inform­at­ive inter­view with Man­drake Linux founder Gaël Duval. It looks amaz­ing, par­tic­u­larly com­pared to 9.0, which could have been bet­ter (although I did­n’t think 9.0 was nearly as bad as many review­ers did). As a side note, I clicked the “More links HERE” link at the bot­tom of the Gaël Duval inter­view and found PCLinuxOn​line​.com lis­ted under “Oth­er Good Linux Sites”. Yay!!! 

I’ve seen com­ments by some Amer­ic­ans advoc­at­ing a boy­cott of Man­drake Linux because Man­drakeSoft is French. To them, I have this to say: Are you really that retarded?! I mean, that’s just idi­ot­ic [see defin­i­tion 2]! Free soft­ware is an inter­na­tion­al effort. Code and developers come from all over the world. The corol­lary of this is that most of the code in Man­drake Linux isn’t from France at all. It also means that all GNU/​Linux dis­tri­bu­tions have some code that would have ori­gin­ated in France. Maybe you should boy­cott Red Hat, Debi­an and every­one else as well? 

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