Anoth­er Jack­ass copycat injured

AN 18-year-old was in crit­ic­al con­di­tion after jump­ing from a five-storey build­ing in an appar­ent imit­a­tion of a stunt from the tele­vi­sion show Jack­ass.

The youth was attempt­ing to jump into a pool from the roof of a con­domin­i­um when he missed, shat­ter­ing both legs, police said.

Man Advert­ises ‘Son for Sale’ on Inter­net

There are some things you just don’t joke about. Like selling your son over the Inter­net. A fath­er in Scot­land did just that: “Hyper­act­ive kid for sale, good at vacu­um­ing, not great at wash­ing dishes because he’s too short. Guar­an­teed to annoy,” the ad read. The fath­er only wanted eight bucks for the 5‑year-old. A Web surfer in Canada noticed the ad and con­tac­ted Scot­tish author­it­ies. The father/​seller said that he pos­ted the ad about two years ago as a joke then for­got about it until police came knock­ing. He’s been told to remove the ad. Besides, his son, now 7, is tall enough to wash the dishes. 

For sale: One annoy­ing tw*t of a girl­friend

In a sim­il­ar vein to the pre­vi­ous link… 

US hos­pit­al searches for Klin­gon inter­pret­er

A REPORT ON CNN claimed that a US hos­pit­al is frantic­ally search­ing for someone flu­ent in Klin­gon.

The hos­pit­al, in Mult­nomah County, needs an inter­pret­er for men­tally ill patients who appar­ently won’t speak any oth­er lan­guage.

It looks like this since has been called off, and it turns out that the ori­gin­al story was blown out of pro­por­tion.

Black People Love Us!

Warn­ing: not for the satirically-impaired 

Rugby team fined for lack of black play­ers

South Africa’s Golden Lions Rugby Uni­on (GLRU) have been fined R30,000 (2,400 pounds) after they were found guilty of not field­ing enough black play­ers in their team.

Unfor­tu­nately, this one isn’t satir­ic­al at all. 

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