I am now CompTIA A+ cer­ti­fied! Not that this is much to brag about. It is mostly rote-learn­ing and is heav­ily Win­dows-focused. In fact, a major part of it is know­ing how to per­form tasks like set up a modem or print­er in Win­dows, right down to mem­or­ising exactly what you need to click on and how the pro­ced­ures dif­fer across Win­dows versions. 

There are two com­pon­ents, each with its own exam: Core Hard­ware and Oper­at­ing Sys­tem Tech­no­lo­gies. You are sup­posed to do them in that order, but I decided to do it the oth­er way round (fight­ing with DOS/​Windows prob­lems over many years made me feel more con­fid­ent with the OS mod­ule). They cov­er a lot of leg­acy mater­i­al, like daisy-wheel print­ers, EISA and MCA buses and Token Ring net­works. Hav­ing been involved with PCs since the IBM PC XT, I could relate to much of it. Over­all I would say that it was quite easy. 

I did my A+ Core Hard­ware exam on Thursday March 31 (10 days ago) and since then I’ve been work­ing towards the CompTIA Net­work+ certification. 

A+ Certification / Sridhar Dhanapalan by Sridhar Dhanapalan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.
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