On the rare occa­sion, I find myself in front of a Macin­tosh. In its default state, the OS feels rather bar­ren. The default set of applic­a­tions is quite sparse, and you have to put some work into installing the soft­ware you need to get going. As a GNU/​Linux user, I’m accus­tomed to installing an oper­at­ing sys­tem and get­ting a full suite of applic­a­tions without put­ting in any extra work. Mind you, OS X is not nearly as bad as oper­at­ing sys­tems from a cer­tain oth­er vendor.

Here is a list of soft­ware that I recom­mend to Mac users. Most of these apps are free soft­ware and also work on GNU/​Linux (or a suit­able ana­logue exists), so switch­ing between the two oper­at­ing sys­tems is easy.

Desktop nav­ig­a­tion:

Audio/​Video playback:

Web brows­ing (like Safari or Inter­net Explorer):

Office suite (like Microsoft Office):

Desktop pub­lish­ing (like Adobe InDesign):

Draw­ing (like Adobe Illustrator):

Painting/​Photo edit­ing (like Adobe Photoshop):

Print­er drivers:

Get more free applications:

Win­dows compatability:

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