Free­dom is the right of all sen­tient beings.” — Optimus Prime

This one throwaway line in the new Trans­formers film is in fact homage to the ori­gin­al Trans­formers series. As obser­v­ant read­ers of this blog may have noticed, I am quite a fan of the Trans­formers mul­ti­verse, par­tic­u­larly of the 1986 anim­ated film (amongst oth­er things, it has an awe­some soundtrack and some great vocal work). Optimus Prime was a child­hood hero of mine, so this motto has always struck a chord with me.

It also makes me won­der, if the Auto­bots are such strong advoc­ates of free­dom, are they them­selves pro­grammed with Free Soft­ware? Con­versely, are the Decep­ticons proprietary?


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