So the Pope is com­ing to Sydney, and the New South Wales Gov­ern­ment is scram­bling to pro­tect him. What bet­ter way to shield an abso­lute mon­arch than with des­pot­ic legislation?

We can bitch and whine about it. We can blatantly flout these laws and hand out free con­doms, as some are plan­ning.

Or we could stop and think about it. If only we could identi­fy the oppor­tun­ity here.

Here’s my sug­ges­tion: make badges/​buttons — lots of them. Print on them, in big bold let­ters, “ANNOYING”. Noth­ing more. The aim isn’t to offend, it’s to pass­ively protest stu­pid laws and cel­eb­rate our freedoms.

Now, get people to sell the badges. Have volun­teers spread all over the city selling them. Also make deals with shops to have them avail­able next to the till.

Recog­nise this idea? It’s no dif­fer­ent from what’s done on Daf­fodil Day or Red Nose Day. Have the pro­ceeds go towards assist­ing AIDS vic­tims. I would sug­gest AIDS orphans. Make sure the group it goes to is cred­ible and sec­u­lar. It’s heart­break­ing how many so-called ‘char­it­ies’ are just cyn­ic­al mis­sion­ary Inquis­i­tions in drag.

I con­sider this to be a win for all. Cit­izens get to peace­fully protest, World Youth Day isn’t dis­rup­ted, and the chil­dren get some help. Would the gov­ern­ment dare to stop this? Would they halt a funds-rais­ing oper­a­tion for dis­ad­vant­aged chil­dren? I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.

I’d actu­ally be sur­prised if this is an ori­gin­al idea. I haven’t had time to pay much atten­tion to the mat­ter, so I’d expect that someone is already work­ing on some­thing similar.

(fully expect­ing the oblig­at­ory “why is this on Plan­et xxx???” whinging from people who don’t under­stand the point of a Plan­et and who like to oppress those whom they dis­agree with)

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