The start-up that I have co-found­ed, CareerNexus, is look­ing for job seek­ers to take part in a prod­uct test and mar­ket exper­i­ment. If you, or some­one you know, wants to know more and poten­tial­ly take part, mes­sage me.

If we can help just a frac­tion of those peo­ple who have dif­fi­cul­ty find­ing work through tra­di­tion­al means — peo­ple return­ing from parental leave, peo­ple look­ing for roles after being made redun­dant, mature work­ers, even some high­ly skilled pro­fes­sion­als — we’ll be doing some­thing great.

As an alter­nate means of find­ing work, it need not replace any mech­a­nisms that you may already be engaged in. In oth­er words, there is noth­ing for you to lose and hope­ful­ly much for you to gain.