Unlike my last post, this one is seri­ous. One of my favourite podac­sts, The Lin­ux Link Tech Show, inter­viewed RSI expert Deb­o­rah Quil­ter. The phe­nom­e­non of RSI has risen to promi­nence in recent years, large­ly in response to increas­ing com­put­er use. That puts tech work­ers such as myself in con­sid­er­able risk of devel­op­ing injuries, and in fact I am cer­tain that I have devel­oped some already. Ignor­ing the prob­lem only makes it worse. Any­one who works at a desk should lis­ten to this inter­view and heed at least some of its warn­ings and advice.

The episode is avail­able in Ogg Vor­bis and MP3 formats.