A Venn dia­gram can be a great way to explain a busi­ness con­cept. This is gen­er­al­ly not dif­fi­cult to cre­ate in mod­ern pre­sen­ta­tion soft­ware. I often use Google Slides for its col­lab­o­ra­tion abilities.

Where it becomes dif­fi­cult is when you want to add a unique colour/pattern to an inter­sec­tion, where the cir­cles over­lap. Gen­er­al­ly you will either get one cir­cle over­lap­ping anoth­er, or if you set some trans­paren­cy then the inter­sec­tion will become a blend of the colours of the circles.

I could not work out how to do this in Google Slides, so on this occa­sion I cheat­ed and did it in Microsoft Pow­er­Point instead. I then import­ed the result­ing slide into Slides.

This worked for me in Pow­er­Point for Mac 2016. The process is prob­a­bly the same on Windows.

Firstly, create a SmartArt Venn Diagram

Insert > Smar­tArt > Rela­tion­ship > Basic Venn

Separate the Venn circles

Smar­tArt Design > Con­vert > Con­vert to Shapes

Ungroup shapes

Shape For­mat > Group Objects > Ungroup

Split out the intersections

Shape For­mat > Merge Shapes > Fragment

From there, you can select the inter­sec­tion as an inde­pen­dent shape. You can treat each piece sep­a­rate­ly. Try giv­ing them dif­fer­ent colours or even mov­ing them apart.

This can be a sim­ple but impact­ful way to get your point across.