The unholy com­bi­na­tion of work and study have devoured me over the past month.

One point of men­tion is an inter­view I had with James Purs­er for Open Source On The Air. Hav­ing nev­er been inter­viewed before, I was rather ner­vous. I was also wait­ing to be accept­ed or declined as an Ubun­tu Mem­ber at the Com­mu­ni­ty Coun­cil meet­ing, which only increased my anx­i­ety. It also did­n’t help that it was past 10pm, and I was suf­fer­ing from a lack of sleep. If I sound dopey, please keep those points in mind. With that dis­claimer announced, I think I con­duct­ed myself quite well.

In oth­er news, I’m glad to hear that my nom­i­na­tion of Elk­bun­tu for the Lin­ux Aus­tralia Peo­ple’s Choice Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber of the Year Award (wow, that’s a mouth­ful!) was heed­ed. Con­grat­u­la­tions, Melis­sa! I am look­ing for­ward to drink­ing that beer!


Link of the day: Paris Hilton vom­its while singing

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