Those who remem­ber my ancient quest for the per­fect IRC solu­tion might be inter­est­ed in these posts by Aaron Toponce explain­ing how to cou­ple a remote irssi ses­sion with GUI noti­fi­ca­tion. I’m still quite hap­py with my cur­rent Bip + Xchat com­bi­na­tion, but I’ve always lust­ed after the 1337ness of irssi. Ice­cap looks intrigu­ing, but my first instinct tells me that their solu­tion is over-engi­neered.

Note: If you see dupli­cat­ed words in the above post, I am aware of them. Word­Press is doing some­thing fun­ny and I can’t fig­ure out what it is. When I get the time I’ll upgrade to 2.5.

LotD: Ubun­tu theme for Sym­bian S60v3 (works on my Nokia N95)

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