I final­ly got off my lazy arse and set up a blog! I had been mulling over var­i­ous pos­si­bil­i­ties of imple­men­ta­tion, includ­ing set­ting up my own Web serv­er, pur­chas­ing host­ing and even cod­ing the whole thing myself in Djan­go or Ruby on Rails. There are some things I realised, though:

  1. these things take time to learn, imple­ment and main­tain
  2. I don’t have the band­width to host it from home, and host­ing ser­vices cost mon­ey
  3. I don’t have much free time these days
  4. I’m cheap :p

So I got a Blog­some account for the supreme price of $0. This was some months after decid­ing to have a blog in the first place, and now I have a back­log of things to write about. At least some­thing’s bet­ter than noth­ing, so be pre­pared for entries that begin like, “Four months ago I did blah.”

I have thought ahead, though. Thanks to FreeDNS, my home­page links to here, and I have a redi­rect for https://dhanapalan.com/blog. The links for the RSS/RDF feeds also link to my domain rather than Blog­some direct­ly. Hope­ful­ly, these mea­sures should pro­vide some degree of for­wards com­pata­bil­i­ty should I lat­er decide to move my blog else­where. If you want per­ma­nent links to my blog, link to dhanapalan.com.

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