KDE4 devel­op­ment is under­way, and users and devel­op­ers are hav­ing their say on how it should look. One thing that irks me is when some­one posts a mock­up of some ‘new’ idea, when in fact that idea is just lift­ed from some­where else. I have no prob­lem with deriva­tion or inspi­ra­tion from else­where (that’s how soft­ware evolves, after all), but for ghod’s sake please don’t pass off some oth­er idea as your own.

Take for exam­ple this mock­up. Look at the file brows­er. Can you say Win­dows Vista? Some per­son, whom I pray is not a Kon­queror devel­op­er, was so enam­oured with it that he cre­at­ed an inter­ac­tive ver­sion.

I’m not say­ing that it is unat­trac­tive, but I don’t under­stand why this sort of blind copy­ing takes place. I’ll admit that graph­ic design isn’t one of FLOSS’s strong points, but with that said we do have some tru­ly inno­v­a­tive and beau­ti­ful designs. Amarok comes to mind.

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