Gen­too’s sys­tem for main­tain­ing pack­ages, Portage, has had a sig­nif­i­cant speed boost with ver­sion 2.1. Syn­chro­nis­ing the tree (the equiv­a­lent of Debian’s ‘apt-get update’) feels sev­er­al times faster. I don’t mind com­pil­ing my own apps (I leave it going overnight), but I do mind if I have to wait for ages before I can start the com­pi­la­tion in the first place. Any­body who has been scared away from Gen­too in the past because of Portage should give it anoth­er go.

Note that this does not affect com­pi­la­tion times. It does, how­ev­er, has­ten the pack­age man­age­ment both before and after compilation.