It’s been indi­cat­ed to me that I nev­er put out a report on Soft­ware Free­dom Day in Syd­ney. Well, bet­ter late than never 🙂

Advo­cates of free soft­ware cel­e­brat­ed at the Uni­ver­si­ty of New South Wales on 16 Sep­tem­ber for the fourth annu­al Soft­ware Free­dom Day. Mem­bers of SLUG, Ubun­tu-AU and the gen­er­al FOSS com­mu­ni­ty col­lab­o­rat­ed to spread the mes­sage of free soft­ware to the gen­er­al public.

Inter­est and buzz was gen­er­at­ed in the days lead­ing-up to the event through a poster cam­paign across the cam­pus. At the UNSW Com­put­er Fair, we piqued the curios­i­ty of many com­put­er users with our dis­plays, screen­casts and spiels. Those who were enthu­si­as­tic migrat­ed to our room in the near­by Law Build­ing, where we could explain and demon­strate in greater detail. Not only did we have many expres­sions of inter­est from new­com­ers in free soft­ware and the free soft­ware com­mu­ni­ty, we also suc­ceed­ed in bring­ing those who already use FOSS into par­tic­i­pa­tion in the local community.

Regret­tably, I was not able to take any decent pho­tographs of the event. If any­one has pic­tures, I’d be grate­ful if they could be sent to me.

I would like to give a big word of thanks to every­one who helped on the day: 

  • Andreas Fis­ch­er
  • Bren­dan Puckeridge
  • David McQuire
  • James Dumay
  • Jim Tsao
  • John Fer­l­i­to
  • Ken Wil­son
  • Lind­say Holmwood
  • Matt Moor
  • Peter Bak­er
  • Pia Waugh
  • Rodger Dean
  • Sil­via Pfeiffer
  • Any­one else who I may have for­got­ten (if I have, sorry!) 

In addi­tion, I would like to thank those who pro­vid­ed resources in sup­port of our efforts:

  • Com­put­er Fairs Aus­tralia (tables at the com­put­er fair)
  • David Vaile, Abi Para­magu­ru and Alana Mau­rushat at the UNSW Cyber­space Law and Pol­i­cy Cen­tre (room in the Law Building)
  • John Schilit (IBM and Robocode materials)
  • Solu­tions First (Unwired modem)
  • Ubun­tu Screen­casts Team (screen­casts and subtitles)
  • Canon­i­cal (Ubun­tu CDs)
  • The world­wide free soft­ware community 🙂



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