They say that the first step towards deal­ing with an addic­tion is admit­ting that you have one. For that pur­pose, I have a con­fes­sion to make: I am addict­ed to Open Source On The Air. For the unini­ti­at­ed, OSOTA is a week­ly Inter­net radio pro­gramme host­ed by James and Karin Purs­er. Being based in Aus­tralia, this pod­cast focus­es main­ly on issues affect­ing the Aus­tralian FLOSS com­mu­ni­ty. It is broad­cast live on Wednes­days from 21:30 (UTC+1000). Besides being a great show in its own right (even if down­loaded after­wards), I love how I can hang out in #local­foss on and pro­vide input while the show is run­ning live. It is this sort of inter­ac­tion that makes free soft­ware so great.

A few weeks ago, Karin decid­ed to announce a com­pe­ti­tion. The ques­tion was sim­ple: to sug­gest a ques­tion for a future com­pe­ti­tion. An idea sprung to mind fair­ly quick­ly, and I men­tioned it over IRC to James. I neglect­ed to e‑mail it, how­ev­er, and when Karin announced the fol­low­ing week that she had not received any entries, I realised that I had com­plete­ly for­got­ten my idea. The ephemer­al nature of IRC meant that I could­n’t just look it up (my logs were only short-term — curs­es!). I spent a day and a night wrack­ing my brain before it resur­faced. I post­ed it to James, and the fol­low­ing week it was announced that I was a win­ner! Mind you, there were only two entries, and both were deemed to be winners 🙂

The fol­low­ing week, I received my loot: a plush Tux pen­guin and an O’Reil­ly Lin­ux Anato­my poster. At the request of James, I sent him a pho­to­graph of myself with my new pen­guin friend. Fit­ting­ly, it was tak­en just pri­or to a SLUG meet­ing, and in it I’m wear­ing my Soft­ware Free­dom Day 2006 T‑shirt.

So what was my entry? It’s prob­a­bly best that I don’t spoil the sur­prise. Stay tuned for it to be announced on Open Source On The Air!

Teh winnar! / Sridhar Dhanapalan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.