Klepas point­ed us on IRC to a bril­liant­ly-done film explain­ing the con­cept of Trust­wor­thy Com­put­ing. It con­cise­ly and clear­ly demon­strates why so many of us in the FLOSS world pre­fer to call it Treach­er­ous Com­put­ing.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the pro­duc­ers decid­ed to make the film avail­able as a Soren­son-encod­ed Quick­time file. I find it amus­ing that peo­ple who oppose dig­i­tal restric­tions are using such a high­ly-pro­pri­etary video for­mat. For­tu­nate­ly for us, there is a DivX/MP3 ver­sion (still not as good as The­o­ra or even XviD, but it’ll do) avail­able at Google Video.

Once you have fin­ished view­ing it, head on over to Against-TCPA for more infor­ma­tion.

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